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TB Coolant Bypass for 82-92 (2.8 - 3.1)

Note: If you live in an extremely cold climate, it is recommended that you do not perform this modification.

Our engines have coolant hoses running to and from the throttle body to prevent the freezing of the throttle body. If you live in area with warmer temperatures, this is obviously unnecessary. This actually hurts performance because it heats the air traveling through the intake system. If you perform this "free mod" you can expect gains of 2 to 3 HP and slightly better throttle response.

Items needed:

- 1/2 inch hose (about 2 feet in length)

- package of 2 "bypass plugs" (1/2" or 5/8")

You can find these items at your local auto store and they should cost under $6.

First disconnect the air intake duct. You should see two hoses running from the block to the bottom of the throttle body. They should be running parallel, right next to each other. Disconnect both hoses completely. There might be a drop or two of coolant spillage, but not one drop came out when I tried it.

Use the bypass plugs on the bottom 2 openings on the throttle body. Since the closest size available at my local auto store was 5/8" I used two clamps from the hoses I just removed to secure the plugs on the openings.

At this point you will want to test the new hose to see how much you need to cut it down. I cut off about 3 inches of the hose. It should go from one opening, up and around the intake duct and back down to the other opening. After you have sized it correctly, clamp down one opening with the new hose. Reinstall the air intake duct, and now clamp down the last opening with the hose. Your new setup should look like the picture below.

Here is what your engine will look like after this modification. Notice how the new hose wraps around the top of the air intake duct.

I felt an increase in throttle response right away after this mod. The next time you go for a drive, pop the hood and feel how much heat the new hose absorbs rather than the throttle body.

This installation guide provided by Brandon J (91Firebird). E-mail him with questions or comments.

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